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Ol Wallace

Chilling at Moe's Farm Vinyl [Pre-Order]

Chilling at Moe's Farm Vinyl [Pre-Order]

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Cali Soul and Moe’s Farm are proud to present... The ‘Chilling at Moe’s’ farm album that features 13 new tracks of the finest Lofi & Jazzy Beats from 15 artists.

The double sided vinyl is accompanied with a trippy artwork in Ol Wallace’s style.

Side A
Ol Wallace – Organic Trees
Cloudsurfin’ ft. Lightflower – Brown Sugar
Erwin Do, J Fletch – Subway Station
Calvin Bennett – Windows Down
Nosmoh – Frontside
Grandmaster Faff – Better Late Than Never
Ben Jammin’ Beats – Clear Your Mind

Side B
Soulone – Spiritual
Spective – Island City
7&Nine, Ol Wallace – Brooklyn
kBeats – Beers n Bongs
XXIII – Suono Lussuono
HM Surf – Heavy Raining

This is a pre-order. After purchasing you will receive a high-quality download in MP3 via e-mail (after July 5). Vinyl to be shipped in August.

Artwork by Fleuresun Studio
Mastering by Ricardo Lara Campos

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